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 xtreme lean

Do not let them be an option in your life. Buy something sexy for the gym, no matter what size you are you will feel better wearing something designed to make you feel great, than sweats.

  visual impact muscle building

I don't believe in sweating the small stuff. I turn it over to God so fast; and move on with life. But, I know some people hold-on, and hold-on some more, to little unnecessary B.S.


I agree Natasha, investing in fabulous gym or yoga wear is motivating. If you look the part and feel good, even sexy whilst exercising you are much more likely to want to do it!!


Well, I get the point and I do agree with you. Really! There are some great yoga pants that are flattering, fashionable and comfortable for exercise or sport and a better option than tracksuit pants. And nothing beats a great pair of jeans for classic style and comfort. Another great post Emma.

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